Second Chance

by Ziad Dib Jreige   Sep 14, 2020

What if ;
One night you sit,
In your dark pit,
You start to get hit,
Pain is keeping hitting you
With shit, so that you shall quit.
What if;

Your dreams that night,
Start to die, no light,
In your head, you get blues instead,
Around your head, your thoughts fight,
Out of your brain they eat,
Bite by bite, until
Inside you they ignite
Black fire you know
That isn't right
What if;

The mistake you did,
Has blown you away
The way you think is hid,
Your wishes are,
Like a dying star, amid
Your wishes dances
The devil's kid
That you can't forbid
What if;

The night is dark, and dark
Are your thoughts, that bark
Within your heart,
They start,
To rip you apart , you know
From now nothing can grow
In your garden,
Full of dark snow.
What if;

Next day you live in a trance,
And suddenly you get a glance
Of purity , sweet reality,
You have a second chance
What if, you have a second chance
To live again, no pain,
To dance, to plan in advance
How will you take it
What will be your stance.
What if;

Your life spins around,
The hope you lost and found
Now you, you live like new
In a world which is more true ,
Only a few, got that new,
Second chance you're getting
The key, you can see,
Is in never forgetting
That lesson taught ,
To you and me.

© Ziad Dib Jreige #song03


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