Song 04 September breeze

by Ziad Dib Jreige   Sep 16, 2020

Song 04

September breeze

I wake up to my routine day
On an autumn's morning grey,
I look out to behold the skies,
Upthere I see your tender eyes
Oh darling then you come to me
And we sit on our balcony.
What else my heart always seeks,
But the spring within your cheeks?

My day with me you come and spend,
Yet no one knows since I pretend
That you are no longer around
But only in death can be found,
And when the evening comes again
To our balcony we go and then
Our dreams of youth we hunt and chase
With the spring blooming your face.

I reach the night, to sleep with ease,
How can I, with this heavy breeze?!
September comes, September goes,
In my garden, your flower grows,
Oh darling then you come to me
You enter my dreams merrily
I live the spring in autumn though,
I will be sleeping without you.

© Ziad Dib Jreige #song04


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