They Say...

by JaM   Sep 27, 2020

They say, that the storm will blow over.

Before it does, the rain will try to drown you.
The strong winds will try to push you.
The surrounding clouds will try to limit you.
The darkness will try to consume you.

Do not surrender to the storm. For if you hold strong and keep rooted, the storm will blow over, rather than blowing you over.

They say, that time heals all wounds.

The time does not heal you or set your free.
In the concept of time, perception is the key.
Will it be your friend, or your enemy?
It is not with you, nor against thee;
it is a gift, that comes with no guarantee.

Do not be fooled by time. For it is not objective; what you do with the unknown time given to you, can be full of endless possibilities.

They say, that good things come to those who wait.
Though this is true, not without challenges along the way.
It cannot be said with an exact amount of days.
Those who are waiting, had a price to pay.

Do not lose faith in the Universe. Things happen as they will, but you will see brighter days ahead.

They say, that love is blind.
Overlooking behaviours, choosing to disbelieve.
The trust line broken, unable to receive.
Peering into the eyes, yet still deceived.

Do not be confused by this. It is not blindness, but unconditional love - that we accept their faults, have hope and believe it exists within them, for this is Love.

They say, that you are your own worst enemy.
Never underestimate the power of the mind.
Learn self-love and discover what you find.
Judging and criticizing is but a waste of time.

Do not succumb to fear. For your thoughts are a powerful thing. You have overcome many struggles.

They say, that life is short.
So take each day as a blessing.
Life is made of moments and lessons.

Take chances! You never know where they will lead you.


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