Together we win

by Nyera   Oct 15, 2020

As I stare up at my ceiling I imagine the night sky filled with stars and the moon glowing so bright. Trees rustling as the wind gently blows through the leaves. Leaving nothing but peace in the wake of the turmoil that tries to consume even the strongest of individuals. The sounds of nature in the distance breaking through the silence filling our minds with the secrets to its peace. Bringing back the memories of the important phenomena of our lives. We open our bodies to the peace that wants to inhabit the deepest parts of our mind and hearts. Bask in the ambiance of the world that brought us together. We try to find peace within each other and push back against the demons we fight in our own dwelling. Together we win. We always win. We celebrate the victories. We look up at the night skies with the beautiful moon and gorgeous stars and realize.... the moon and stars represent us and our victories together as we battle our own darknesses apart...... We look to eachother and say “together we win”


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