No Second Time

by Walter   Oct 18, 2020

Behind every tear
There's a beautiful face
Although your broken heart
Only beats at slow pace

You feel battered and bruised
With emotions that strike
Now low self-esteem
There's nothing you like

Convinced you're to blame
Though did nothing wrong
But you must think it's why
Love never lasts that long

Believing all lies
You no longer will trust
Nor ever will find love
When your heart turns to dust

Please don't give up
Sometimes love can be cruel
When paths don't connect
True love you can't fool

You're so beautiful
But now thorns on your stem
So many would love you
And I'm one of them

I'd vow you true love
To be by your side
And will forever commit
With arms open wide

But it's a sad fact
With love you deny
Ever since you've been hurt
Once bitten twice shy


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