Comments : Thoughts about Truth

  • 6 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Um, Luce? I love this so much! What is truth? How we can easily emulate truth without any kind of outside influence or manipulation? And if we are trying to be our authentic selves, and truthful in our feelings, what if there is still a part of us holding back?

    These lines especially:
    "the truth seems to be
    like a missing person whose dead body
    has been wrapped around with rocks
    then thrown into a body of water
    in order to sink it"

    It's funny to me, in a way, how easily people give out the advice of "just be yourself, be true to yourself", as if that alone will be the end of it. But really, it's about unlocking and uncovering that truth for ourselves, and what will weigh and burden down the truth in the process?

    Your poems are a delight to read, and always so many thought-provoking lines to read :)