The Will Of Poseidon

by Ziad Dib Jreige   Nov 7, 2020

The Will Of Poseidon

Thirteen years unaware
Of what might you be,
Of your full love and care
Of who you were to me,
And then with burst unfair
You left me for the sea.

That boat I steer and sail
As if your hand with mine,
Whether in sun or hail
To be my lifeline
So I will never fail
And all will be fine.

You left as fading wave
And each time I do stand,
At Tripoli's shore, I wave
With my heart's fond hand
To your secluded grave,
Beneath sea ribbed sand.

In every time my thought
My passing hours surmout
I bless that Mina's coast,
And in a trance I Iose count
Of the years on that boat
In front of Terbol Mount.

And then the trident spoke
And my deep skills awoke
And I painted my memory
With unrestrained stroke

Poseidon's will made me cry
Made me doubt and ask why
Made me burn with colours
And yield an eternal eye.

© Ziad Dib Jreige


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