When Words Are Not Enough

by Walter   Nov 17, 2020

I love the aura of silence when you are near
Though your presence is felt as you appear
With only a smile your sweet lips would form
And as always you manage to make me transform

I love how we're drawn to the warmth of our skin
And breathing you scent as we slowly spin
Your lips are so soft and soon they find mine
And our moment in silence is just so divine

I love the touch of your hand as I lead you away
Through the darkness of halls which glow to a ray
Of a flickering candle creating a mood
To a table that's set of enticing food

I love your reaction as you let out a sigh
My finger on lips as if to deny
You don't have to thank me as you deserve more
And you give me that look which I just adore

I love how your tuned to this scene we begin
And the record of Moonlight Sonata now spins
The ambience is set to a volume on low
Where only our facial expressions will show

I love seeing your hunger while we dine to our meal
As if each mouthful has so much appeal
Both our plates bare though we are now fed
And enjoying the last drops of our glass of red

I love sharing a dance to this serene song
So close in my arms is where you belong
Tonight we're silent but three words from you
And then only I whisper "I love you too"


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