Every Rose Has Its Thorn

by Walter   Nov 20, 2020

This is a sad story about a rose and a dove
One day when flying over he couldn't help but fall in love
The rose she was so beautiful in the garden on display
And every time he'd fly past she'd take his breath away

Today he felt daring and decided they should meet
He flew right up beside her and thought how he would greet
Admiring all her beauty, leaves deep green and rose pure white
And was so taken back that she could see all his delight

"Dear rose you are so beautiful and no more can I delay
I just had to fly up to you with these words I want to say
Please fly away with me and we'll live a joyful life
Nothing more will make me happier if one day you'll be my wife"

The rose said "Whoa hang on, what's with all the rush!"
Although she's taken back and couldn't help but blush
Suddenly all her petals turned from white to a deep red
Because secretly she desired every word that he just said

His eyes began to bulge not knowing how to react
Before she was gorgeous but now a huge impact
Where she's the only deep red rose among the rest all white
And he's so more determined now that they should unite

"Please run away with me my darling I'll look after you
I promise you all my love and always will be true
Escape with me tonight this life we can forget
A red rose and white dove make a beautiful duet"

The rose unsure agreed and told him to come back
For when it turns dark and for him she'll leave a track
"But if I'm to escape then I have to be discrete
I'll leave a breadcrumb trail and then we both can meet"

And now the dove flew off with the biggest smile
Though the rose was unsure and in confused denial
She doesn't have any breadcrumbs and so can't leave a track
Then she begins to worry as soon he'll be right back

Just about to give up as loud as her heart drums
She then had a brainstorm to use her petals instead of crumbs
Where she would leave a path lit red along the way
And as planned they'll meet secretly in this hideaway

When the dove saw no crumbs but only petals red
He thought to trust his instinct and follow these instead
But became shocked when confronted with the sight
His beautiful red rose was no longer a delight

"Don't worry my sweet dove as this is still me
I had to leave my petals for a track which you would see
But now we are together and so can fall in love
For you I'm still a rose and you're my shining dove"

There was a silent pause then the dove would shake his head
"You're no longer beautiful, and I can't love this instead
Don't worry I'll fly you back, hold tight around my chest
Soon you'll be returned to live with all the rest"

The rose would shed a tear but held tight as they'd begin
Not even realizing her thorns would prick his skin
The dove didn't land but flew over the garden top
And from this great height the rose stem he would drop

The stem falling faster landing deep within the ground
Back with other roses and her earth all around
Glad to be here with everyone she knows
And from her stem she could feel roots begin to grow

The dove however didn't notice of the stain now red
When he flew back to his flock they looked to him with dread
He now stood out and was marked where no one more would speak
And knowing how rejection feels when someone would critique

The stem would bud and flowers bloom as branches start to grow
And all her beautiful flowers made would always be on show
Where every single rose of hers is half red and white
Its strange this didn't work for him but on her it looks just right


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