Wherever You Are

by Walter   Nov 21, 2020

I have travelled far and searched for you
But I no longer see your face
For I now have a dismal view
Which I cannot erase

My feelings gloom before I wake
And my soul no longer flies
I feel my heart begin to break
When something in me dies

Fond memories that I firmly hold
No longer make me smile
Instead I'm wearing a blindfold
And living in denial

Everyone tells me to accept
And it's time I let you go
Believe me that I would except
You're everything I know

But please don't think that I am mad
I know you had to leave
Each tear I cry for you I'm sad
And that's why I only grieve

A whole life lived that we would share
I could ask for nothing more
Although my one and only prayer
Is just you that I ask for


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