One Last Swing

by Walter   Nov 24, 2020

A cold wind that was blowing
On a clear blue Autumn day
The sun only just shining
And beginning to display

And normally this early
There isn't another soul
But you were there that morning
And together we would stroll

I remember each of us smiling
At the same time we said hi
And soon our steps in walking
Would have us both close by

Together we would stride
Conversations along the way
Soon arriving at a playground
And deciding here we'll stay

We both sat on a swing
Where at first there was a pause
Though slowly we began moving
As if each of us was the cause

I remember how synced we were
And feeling like we could fly
Yet you were frozen right beside me
While the world was rushing by

We would let our rhythm
Then gently begin to slow
And soon both coming to a stop
But one of us had to go

Somehow the time would rush
Back again now on your feet
Although you had to leave
But made plans again to meet

You said please come back tomorrow
At the same time and same place
I really enjoyed us talking
I'd love again to see your face

I promised her that I would
Then remembered plans I couldn't change
By then you were long gone
I no longer could rearrange

And I didn't have your number
I didn't even know your name
When I'm not here tomorrow
I'm sure it's me you'll blame

I came back every day after
But I no longer saw you there
I'll sit on the swing for hours
Though yours stays always bare

Years have now since passed
Sometimes I come back here
And I'll sit still on my swing
But you never reappear

On my own I'd thought I'll begin
One last swing for you I'll try
But instead of seeing you frozen there
It's just time I see rush by


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