Sonnet 50

by Ziad Dib Jreige   Dec 17, 2020


How oft we travel , to the ancient era in us.

To the time when we were immensely growing, and immensely learning.

To where beauty still, undisturbed in our thoughts, and purity unwavering.

How oft, we seek peace there , and then we travel back to the present, with an inner serenity.

Sonnet 50

Oh what mirth, what serenity and peace
When I backwardly cast a gazing look,
At the sea where all turbulent thoughts cease
And memories murmur as a calm brook.
Oh what calmness my disturbed soul does feel,
When upon the blue of the past I roam
And all my wounds seem to blossom and heal
When my sight rejoices through the white foam.
And all of a sudden, I travel back
To the present beat, to the present breath
To witness my mind dressed up in full black
At the funeral of my bright past death.
A smile when no other eyes are to see,
Is an insight grasped out of that blue sea.

© Ziad Dib Jreige #sonnet50


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