Let Go

by Lena   Jan 20, 2021

I know my silence may come off as complacent but if you could hear the words from deep beneath my skin, under these fragile bones, you would hear the loudest moans.

Most days I have trouble drowning them out.

I am stricken with constant grief from your absence, from the loss of our love.

If I could I would be on my knees begging for you to come back, throwing pebbles at your window, filling your house with flowers, stopping in front of your car during traffic, writing it in the sky, but the truth is you don’t want any of that and I know why, ....

You want her.

I am trying my hardest to learn how to move forward and to keep my promise that as long as your happy, my heart will be full, even if it’s broken.

For no matter what the cost, or at my expense, to see you truly joyful, is priceless.

You know I always hated the phrase “if you love something or someone you have to let them go.”

I never understood what it meant and I never would have imagined you’d be the one to teach me.

So if this is what love is, then I want you to know, my silence, my self control, my letting go, is the greatest act of love I will ever show.


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