Fragile Flaws

by Walter   Jan 21, 2021

A rich man decided to build
A house so grand and tall
Right beside the ocean
So he could see it all

Selfish that he was
And never saw eye to eye
Because he could have anything
He ever wanted to buy

Though he never found true love
But wanted to settle down
At what better way than build a mansion
In the best place of town

But true love can't be bought
And this he will soon see
Setting himself up for failure
To become his destiny

The first girl that he found
All his money he would flash
This was his first mistake
Trying to buy love with cash

But his home hasn't yet been built
And so this ruined his plans
He then rushed his architect
To go as fast as he can

The architect tried to warn
That this would not be wise
He has to be meticulous
When building something this size

The rich man didn't care
He wanted to live his life
And impress the gorgeous girl he found
So she would become his wife

The architect was bought out
And reluctantly started to build
Knowing all the careful planning
Hasn't yet been fulfilled

The home was built so fast
And from the outside it would impress
But all important structural features
They were all a mess

They were married in a flash
And both moved in happy
But it wasn't long before the cracks
Became so plain to see

It didn't take very long
All his money could not repair
Of course his marriage was doomed to fail
When neither of them care

His mansion would soon fall
Once again his love in debt
Because true love can never be built
When foundations aren't yet set


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