Magic Seeds

by Walter   Jan 24, 2021

I have a farm, and I have a field
Within which, my seeds will yield
I hope to grow a crop of love
But rain looks scarce from above

The soils dry and barren too
I don't know if this will do
But the lady who sold the seeds
Said showing love is all I need

I'm confused and I don't know
Because this is what I hope to grow
She told me just to make a start
The rest I'll find inside my heart

But this is what, my heart needs
And this is what I hope to breed
Yet I start and do it now
First the soil I have to plough

I'm really tired and it's hot
My hand tools are all I've got
Though I keep working through the day
I hope these seeds will find their way

I dig the holes with my hand
Not too deep in the sand
Then fertiliser I need too
I have a cow and lots of poo

Then hand water the shallow hole
Drop the seeds and cover whole
Gently pat the sand mold
Again I wet with water cold

I return each morning at sun break
Though I am barely just awake
Repeat the process with watering pot
Three times a day, I'll do the lot

Three weeks that I repeat this
Then I see what I can' t miss
A green shoot has broken through
The very first one I'd view

I can't help but just feel love
This must be what she spoke of
And also why my flowers grow
Because my love now starts to show

More weeks pass and I have a bunch
I proudly pack some with my lunch
For a picnic by the river stream
And all my flowers, they just gleam

But there's already someone there
Though seems kind and doesn't care
She offers a seat on her blanket mat
While I offer her lunch that I just packed

Instantly then that we smile
As we're both set to eat in style
I unpack the food on a tray
Along with my flowers to display

It's then I hear her begin to gush
And also see her slightly blush
She thinks the flowers are for her
But I don't mind if this occurs

We both eat till our bellies full
Not noticing how love would pull
Now I know what the lady meant
With the magic seeds she sent

That they are really just for show
And finding true love I would know
When two people feel that it is near
It won't take much to just appear


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Latest Comments

  • 1 month ago

    by Jane Do-Re-Mi

    Awe, this was just so sweet. I loved the whole flow of this poem. I imagine it would be very hard to keep the rhyme and beat going in such a long poem but I think you pulled it off remarkably.

    • 1 month ago

      by Walter

      Thanks very much Jane for reading and your comment. I always find writing poems over a few days easier than in one sitting in search of rhymes!