Comments : Same Name

  • 3 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Your voice is strong and direct in this, with some clear images that make your message loud and clear. Some of my favorite lines:

    "Burned by your own flame
    Your intensity will be your downfall
    You are your own moth
    Creating holes in the fiber of your being,
    One stitch at a time"

    - Such a unique metaphor and very vivid in how it paints the picture. I immediately thought of someone who is self-destructive, or someone who is defiant and refuses to see how they are harming and eating away at all the good parts of them, and the good people who helped foster that.

    I think it's only human to think back and realize if we had just done this or that, we could have saved ourselves the emotional duress, but then, with certain people, I wonder if it would have even mattered. If they would have taken the time to stop and listen, would they still have decided to discard your friendship and your voice? It's truly a shame when a person forgets the people who helped them on their journey, and then treats them like they're nothing. It's often not worth it to rebuild something like that if it's become so one-sided, sadly.

    "I am content in my solitude
    With or without you"

    - I LOVED this. I took it as a form of acceptance, of peace with yourself and the reality of possibly losing this friendship/relationship. You have found how to be steady in your own presence.

    Thanks for sharing this and please, keep writing!

  • 3 years ago

    by Mr. Darcy


  • 3 years ago

    by prasanna

    Congrats on the win!

    Hope this is the start of more poetry from you!