by Walter   Mar 2, 2021

I dare not try to look back
But my other senses do not lack
I feel the presence of someone near
My emotions start to turn to fear

He seems to follow my every move
And this I do not approve
I try real hard to get away
But from him I cannot seem to stray

I choose to hide where it's not bright
And he seems, to have gone from sight
But who am I to try and kid
I know that him I have not rid

I now am on high alert
And hold my breath to not exert
But feel tingling on my skin
Which triggers my adrenaline

I sprint outside into sunshine
He still follows and won't decline
So I turn to face my enemy
And ready to fight with karate

It's then I see him on the floor
But there's no need to shout encore
Relief or shame now I don't know
Where one's afraid of their own shadow!


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