Happy women's day

by Shah   Mar 8, 2021

Today known as women's Day
Is dedicated to females

Recognizing their archievements
People do celebrate around the globe

Just one dedicated day to realize
The worth of the feminine creation

But alas mostly not everyone does
Understand what the real importance

Of this creation of God is and what
Status they have been given by God

As mothers of nations they beget
The next generation to keep alive

The human race and their dynasty
Our pride, lineage and offspring

Whilst they take the pain hardship
And risk their lives to give birth

Oh daughters of Eva please realize
The nurturing nature of your existence

The worth of yourself and be aware
Of the status you have been given

Don't drop yourself into the claws of
Predators preying merciless on you

You are not an object for others pleasure
You are not what they make you believe

You are not a doll to be played with
You are not what others want you to be

You are not what they see with their eyes
You are not an artefact for enjoyment

If you allow me then I can tell you about
Your real status and worth given by God

And again I ask my spiritual guides
To understand the optimal reality

Words of Rumi pop up in my mind: A woman
Is a mystery to guide a wise and open man

Woman is a ray of God, she is not that Earthly beloved, she is creative, not created

And Ibne Arabi reveals the ultimate truth:
The sight of God in woman is the most perfect of all

But alas very few would understand
As they see nothing but nice curves

Again oh daughters of Eva let me say
You are more worth than you could think

Diamonds, pearls and gems are nothing
Compared to the reality you hide inside

But if you don't valuate yourselves then
How others will be able to get the picture

As the pictures in their mind are nothing
But nudity based on their animal lust

In the end I would say to all women
Wish you all the happiness in this life

You are the mothers, sisters and daughters
And our beloved wives we adore so much

Celebrate this day and never forget
What God has give you is priceless

Much happiness I wish you all today
Happy women's day I wish it was every day


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