by Shining Stars   Mar 9, 2021

You swore you were gonna marry me;
And I believed you.
I believed you because you were the most beautiful person I had ever met.
You melted my heart with your words and my soul with your eyes-
Slicing deep within the intricate being of me when you decided I was no longer enough for you to be happy with.
I believed you because I had to.
Your heart beat with mine in the most beautiful rhythm and-
our hands fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces that were made specifically for the other.
But you sanded the edges of your piece too much,
And every time I tried to put them together they would no longer fit correctly.
Your words acted as the rough edges of your piece as they scraped against the heart of mine-
Doing insurmountable damage and causing irrevocable pain.
But even after you told me you didn’t love me anymore-
I still believed that you did.
And I believed that you did because I believed in the power of us and if you sanded your edge and it didn’t fit anymore..
Why couldn’t I sand mine to fit yours?
I never did sand my edge though.
I never sanded my edge because you stopped swearing that you were gonna marry me,
And I stopped believing that you would


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  • 9 months ago

    by yogi73

    This poem cuts to the core. You convey the heartbreak and disbelief of broken love using simple words and thoughtful metaphors.