The Human Bees

by Ziad Dib Jreige   Jun 8, 2021

Across the mountains and the hills
Across the timbers wild
Dancing between the daffodils
And the lavenders piled

Upon the sparkling foamy white
Bursting with sunburnt salt
Which on the smiling sky they write
Their love like thunderbolt

With love and loss, they smile and weep
They fly from place to place
They know the surface, know the deep
They choose their pace and race

Then at evening, neath the moon
The human bees at rest
Yet in their mind a loud bassoon
A winged heart in their chest

The bees have gathered all they need
To make their honey great
So we can hear and feel and read
Their honey in our plate

A storm in a melody tame
The wisdom in a book
A wild ocean in a frame
Love and its burning flame
Singing a rhymed hook.

© Ziad Dib Jreige


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