The Raped Mother

by Ziad Dib Jreige   Jul 18, 2021

Disclaimer : please know that I intent no offence regarding the title " The Raped Mother " . I used these strong words, to emphasise the " crime" , humanity is doing to the earth . The earth is much dear and love, as a mother. And the the crime we are committing is ugly , very disturbing as raping. God bless all mothers, and much respect and love to them. And may all disrespect of any form, to any woman be stopped , because it is a shame .

The raped mother

In vacant times I slow my pace,
I leave the crowded streets,
I leave the never ending race
Towards the ancient beats.

Towards the trees, lofty and green,
Towards the birds that sing,
Towards the ever lively scene
Of ever living spring.

I walk in Nature's noisy peace,
And all the birds do call,
As if their songs do never cease,
An ever living fall.

In vacant times, when snow is high,
I leave my home so warm,
Towards the naked trees that sigh
Winter's eternal storm.

How oft, in summer's heat I sit,
Where no humans around,
To feel the ripe earth brightly lit,
Life in a beating ground.

Yet whether in cold, or in heat,
Wilderness speaks to me
As I sense its pain neath my feet
And its blood I do see,

Humans, we take more than we need
We rape the good of earth
We are infested with vile greed
We follow a fake mirth,

There soon will be no trees, no green
Seasons will be alike
Birds will not be heard nor seen
No matter how far we hike,

In vacant times, i smile and weep
And wish for better days
I wish humans wake up and keep
The gift of sunny rays.

© Ziad Dib Jreige


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