Welcome to my Gravesite IV

by Timothy   Aug 7, 2021

Hail, Re-Animator, you are attempting to return me to the dying oak,
As you have witnessed Hell-Fire and life-ending smoke;
Modern scientists and grave-robbing scourge,
Have opened up Ragnorak, and Humanity's last Purge.

You drop in the bones, and yet disregard my marker, stolen and scurried away,
An incomplete anthology, and Tribulation continues without delay;
I haven't the words, and I long lost my breath,
But you will soon become incorporated within the bosom of Almighty Death!

The security of the Earth, once again I am reunited,
But the living have lost the war, it's already been decided;
Your recompense is too little and far too late,
We now take upon the mortal plain, and began to recreate!

* This is an a series of poems I have been writing on this site since 2005. Been many years since I did a follow-up.


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