An Unfinished Poem

by Anya   Aug 23, 2021

Trust, is sleeping in the back seat of the car late at night with your seatbelt halfway off while your father drives home

Love, is your mother cutting an apple and giving you half of her slices without asking simply because she knows you love apples

Happiness, is running into your siblings room on Saturday morning and jump on their bed to wake them and hurry them to the TV to watch cartoons

Respect, is viewing your fathers shoulders as the highest place in the world no matter how many years pass

Kindness, is carrying as many groceries out of the car as you can and your mother grabs a few bags out of your hands to help lessen the weight

Care, is your sibling sitting on the edge of your bed to simply listen to your complaints after a long day

Gratitude, is an unfinished poem made up of all the words of every language in the world strung together an infinite number of times but unable to fully express


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