by Shiva Sai   Sep 5, 2021

I miss my mother's lap
Where I lay my head
The carefree air
And the toy filled bed

I miss the playful mornings
When I troubled her to go to school
Running around the house with me,
She never left me alone

I miss the afternoon lunch,
She brought me hot food
Fed me with her hands,
As she would always do

I miss those rainy days
Where I was all wet, dripping with water
A cup of hot milk and she carried me
On her shoulders like the porter

I miss the after school lessons,
She taught math, science and history

I miss those nights
When the cold wind brushed me
My mother's embrace gave
All the warmth I could ever need

I miss her always
When I see the stars shining in the sky,
I miss her always
When I see the birds fly

My mother is so special
That her love is enough to survive,
I yearn for another day
When I can lay my head on her lap and dream

I miss my mother's lap where I lay my head
I miss her more than what I just said....

.... Shiva Sai Potharaju ....


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