The Door

by 31   Oct 12, 2021

Beyond oaken facade dark and worn
What monsters conceived and born
What teeth cut deep in darkest hell
Hide within their dank and grimy cell
Yet to myself I plead and emplore
It is just a door
And nothing more

Captive to this wretched spot I stand
As if held by some hidden ghostly hand
What purpose has it to hold me here
In torture, in judgement, in boundless fear
Some soulless demon feasting on my core
But it is just a door
And nothing more

From around the frame comes seeping
Rancid stale aromas silently creeping
Macabre memories crawling ever near
A reverie from a spectre that holds me dear
A scent as from an unseen sore
But it is just a door
And nothing more

Then as if by madness all consuming
I run towards that barrier unassuming
Tearing frantically at the handle of the door
Screaming curse out of every living pore
Against the torture it has in store
I am a person and you are a door!
You are a door and nothing more!

Now in this open doorway I gravely recline
A chill dread ripping and tearing at my spine
To my knees I fall a sinner sickly broken
In the face of the horror I have left unspoken
Behind me now lies as ahead the same as so many times before
Just a door
And nothing more


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  • 4 days ago

    by Lune de ma vie


    I absolutely love this entire poem. I am shocked nobody has taken the time to comment on it.

    You pulled me in from the Title and gripped me with the first stanza.

    Love the rhyming, I love how much description you gave. From the grimy cell to the detail and metaphors you use to describe the door and the monster which resides.
    This is a twisted poem so beautifully written. The darkness and ever magical fantasy it paints are wonderful.

    This battle between you and the horror of this door is very emotionally charged.
    I relate - I can really take a lot of this poem and process it as my own battles within my head, my life, my heart.
    You etched a very telling piece that is alluring - gripping the reader in and honestly, I read it more than once because of the power it has. I nominated it for content, it really is that good. It reminds me of what true nightmares are made out of.
    You have true talent!