To Be Amazing

by Shae   Oct 13, 2021

I hate her so much
I'm so sorry
She keeps making the same mistakes
relying on those who don't care
Still unable to gage their indifference

When do I get to change?

When do I get to see all the development
that I'm trying so hard to put in?

When do I become someone i love?

I keep looking in the mirror at her,
smiling through tears and pain...
pretending not to hurt.

She's so fake.

Then I think,
"Sweetie no-one deserves you"
I have to keep telling myself
"I'm fricking amazing"
or I might actually become depressed
and do nothing with these tormenting thoughts
I know these feelings are wrong
But how can I help it
Every step I've made so far
is in the wrong direction.

I mean, it doesn't matter,
"cause I'm fricking amazing"

So wipe your tears princess

Smile in the mirror


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