Comments : Hygge

  • 3 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    You are always teaching me new words, this time, a Danish and Norwegian one! I am so glad you posted this and find it hard to believe it was a scrapped poem. I love how the length is enough; it seems shorter than your other poems yet it reads just as "complete". The mention of spilled blood in the beginning sounded so dismal at first, like you are giving every organ and every beat of your heart to write, but then again, I almost read it as matter of fact. Like this is just who you are, and there is no other way to be. It's an everyday part of you. It made me think if others would see you as "just" that - full of poems, or if others would truly "see" your poetry and your reflections, and see all the dimensions of you included in it. I love the contrast of sort of questioning if it can be meaningful at the start, to knowing that this poetry is for someone, and that parent will see your collection as a testament to something more meaningful. Even if there wasn't a particular one that resonated with them, it was the gesture, the effort. The "well-meaning" part made me imagine that this is you writing to a future partner, one you may not know yet, and you're putting out the energy and hope for this person without knowing them yet or walking on the path together. It could be simply enough to show that parent your love and appreciation and depth of spirit... or, I also saw it as poetry that reached out to her when she needed it. A "thinking of you" moment. Not always about her, but something she could find joy in, a spark of life in outside her own, and contentment too.

    Such a neat piece!

  • 3 months ago

    by Kate


    This is brilliant. Why are you scrapped poems a trillion times better than my posted ones? Anyway, added to my favorites. This reminds me of someone in particular which is why I think it clicks with me the way it does. Giving someone your all, your words, your art and it never meaning a thing to them is tragically beautiful. I love how you separated the last line, it gives a finishing punch to it. Like the other comment says, it's short but a perfectly well balanced story on its own. Wonderful.

  • 3 months ago

    by Lost star

    A poem to sit among the gems in your list, just wonderfully written as usual. Excellent.