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  • Age : 23
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  • Country : USA
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Latest Poems By Kate

  • Your words are funnier but
    With her they slide right out of your mouth...

  • You’re like a drug, you get me drunk
    And I’ll fight with you til my lips are numb...

  • It’s like you’re fire in my blood
    Setting aflame the moth wings in my stomach...

  • I rest my head on my pillow
    And let it soak up my dreams...

  • An orange glow reflects off the pavement from the...
    The faint smell of fresh linen dryer sheets waft...

Latest Quotes By Kate

  • It amazes me how much I let my mind wander to the clouds. I build up a friendship or a lover. The crash back to reality is almost unbearable.

    3 weeks ago
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  • I didn’t mean it when I said I never cared
    You were the oxygen that filled my lungs
    Your disappointment I just could not bare
    You promised me I was the only one

    1 month ago
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  • Please don’t worry
    I’m not angry
    I’ve never been

    I want you happy
    To see a smile
    Light your face again

    2 months ago
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