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  • Age : 23
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : USA
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  • untitled. (2) 4

    You pluck what you want from me like the petals of...
    Yet I do nothing to fight back, wishing to give...

  • Truly (1) 1

    I play movie scenes of the two of us in my head...
    It’s strange how easily you take over my senses...

  • You’ll scratch at my surface until I’m...
    You’ll throw me into your fire and tell me...

  • untitled (2) 3

    She’s gonna take credit for what I’ve done
    She’s gonna say she raised a good kid but I feel...

  • She Was (1) 3

    She was the purple-blue night sky that always felt...
    She was the drug I’d always use when I felt too...

Latest Quotes By Kate

  • I’ve really been writing love poems when I have no real muse.

    3 weeks ago
    2 0
  • I go months without hearing from so-called friends and family until I lose the desire to respond, so wounded by their lack of interests that I would rather it stay that way than for them to feign interest.

    1 month ago
    2 0
  • I’m growing weary by the foreplay. Is it you, the one who still plagues my memory, or am I sadly mistaken?

    2 months ago
    3 0

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