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Write my feelings, my memories, my fantasies, my daydreams.

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Latest Poems By Kate

  • Golden are the flecks in the iris of your eyes
    A deep forest green lit with beautiful fireflies...

  • I see the universe in the iris of your eyes
    But the Big Dipper threatens to tip over...

  • Voicemail (2) 2

    Hey, I’ve called you up again
    Just to hear your voice on the other side of the...

  • God I was foolish
    To think that you'd ever change...

  • There’s nothing to move past, as the past is...

Latest Quotes By Kate

  • “Wish You Were Here” by Avril Lavigne always reminds me of you. I miss you. I miss the bits of you I used to see in myself. I miss the camaraderie, the laughter, the smiles.

    1 week ago
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  • Brand new message from someone new
    Couldn’t help but think it’s you
    Elated, but wasn’t true in the end
    Will I ever hear from you again?

    1 week ago
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  • When worlds collide, there are stars in your eyes
    Magnetized, am I to you
    When you brighten my sky, my whole world comes alive
    Fantasized, a life, us two

    1 week ago
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