Be Careful What You Wish For

by Walter   Jan 24, 2022

I made a wish upon a star
One so faint and just as far
I pleaded that; my dreams come true
My broken heart, be filled by you

But love was lost, you walked away
You would hurt and betray
I'd look up to that star and curse
That my life had become worse

But things aren't always what they seem
This star could barely light its beam
It doesn't mean my wish went stray
Because it is so far away

The speed of light might seem so fast
But not when distances are vast
And although my heart would yearn
My wish took years to return

Within this time since you had gone
I slowly healed and moved on
I fell in love with someone new
Who filled the pain caused by you

Then suddenly, you would appear
Moving mountains to get near
And my heart again felt torn
My wish arriving with a thorn

I felt confused and needed space
I wish my past I could erase
And with you both I had to choose
But ultimately made to lose

Hearts in love should not compare
With the past no longer there
And if wishing for its return
A painful lesson you will learn

Remember your past love with glee
But keep it as a memory
And if a new love ever starts
Should only be the one in heart

Be careful with what you wish for
One day will knock on your front door
And if you put your love at stake
It's doomed to be your worst mistake


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