My Cloak of Invisibility

by The Fallen Angel   May 12, 2022

Sipping through
my coffee;
staring blankly
outside my window;
Contemplating over
my own existence;
being in
constant conversations,
with my wildest thoughts;
I wonder…
If ever I had the
invisibility cloak!
An easy escape
from my sad reality;
to a world full of
purple fantasy;
halfway over,
midway down,
but all in
Black and Blue!
A world
ghastly different,
where I could
pause time,
and feel the
sense of serenity,
than the misconstrued
life’s tragedy;
A life misused over time!
A life forgotten over time!
Someday, I wish to don
my cloak of invisibility
to become a
non-existential reality-
chasing the day,
leaving the
despondent trails,
vanishing into an oblivion!

- Benzy
- Friday, May 13, 2022
- 1:47 am


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