Your Chauffeur Awaits

by Walter   Jun 14, 2022

It's funny how some memories
In our minds they have been burned
Where so many years after
We find they still return

While visiting my mother
In the house I grew up in
For a spring clean of her home
That we were about to begin

And I would start in her backyard
While she tidied up inside
I began removing junk piled up
That had been put aside

I came across a wheelbarrow
Now tattered and all torn
And instant memories it evoked
Left me feeling so forlorn

It's like I saw you there
When we were young and naïve
My hands on the wheelbarrow
And the memories I'd retrieve

When we were just young kids
Who lived on the same street
Both walking home from school
And here we'd often meet

Playing in my backyard
The wheelbarrow was our car
While she was my passenger
Where I drove her places far

The backyard was so big
And our country to explore
I drove you wherever you would point
Upon the bumpy floor

And we would always laugh
While trying not to tip
But we always made it home
After our long trip

Though this could never last
One day you had to leave
Moving to another state
But still we'd both believe

You said 'It's not a problem
Our car you still can drive
Your backyard is our country
And soon you will arrive'

For so many days after
That I would still pretend
And drive our car to visit you
To the very end

Though no matter to which corner
Of the yard that I would go
I would push it all over the place
But you would never show

Now hands on the wheelbarrow
And I haven't moved a step
The memories with this piece of junk
That I did not expect


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