An Angel

by Cache Logan   Aug 5, 2022

Across the room appeared an Angel,
Her softness like Heaven’s breathe.
Her words sang out like a familiar song in the silent night.

Time stood still that day as our eyes united,
Glances sparked fond memories of times past,
And times to be.

Her warmth and kindness were capturing,
And lured my conscious to submission.

Unknown truths became apparent and shared their secrets,
Universal laws followed suit with boundless knowledge,
Spiritual darkness brought forth shinning light.

Whence forth did she come and for what purpose?
Are all souls worth saving, worth anything at all?
Is true love boundless and eternal as her eyes shared?

Earth bound, her destiny; birth of truth, her role,
Saving one soul, her purpose, her goal.
Successful was she, his blessings to be.


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