The End....

by Shiva Sai   Aug 29, 2022

Your words were short
With intentions of wrath
Your words rang a bell in my soul.
For I could not come to terms,
Terms with the fact,
Till today you had infact,
Played games with my heart.
My feelings were hurt,
My confidence in life shattered,
For today you showed me the brutality,
Of what meant a mockery in reality.

I reeled under the effects,
That words of yours had brought about.
I was short of tears to shed,
Because all my tears,
Were shed for you in your times of distress.

With an aching heart and a tormented soul,
I walked away with a smile.
For, I always believed,
Tormented souls should not give away.
Give away their sorrows to this world,
But walk away with a smile,
Though their hearts bled and souls set afire.
Till date, I thought I lived in a paradise,
Little did I realise,
I lived in a fool's paradise,

A paradise which I so fondly cherished,
A paradise which I called "friendship".

... Shiva Sai ...


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