Ode, To Goddesses Camille And Lexie!.. (A Sonnet)

by Robert Gardiner   Nov 22, 2022

Ode, To Goddesses Camille And Lexie!.. (A Sonnet)

Ode, to Goddesses, Camille and Lexie.
There Is, Nothing, Like Your Rapture, Divine.
There's Nothing, Out There, Known, More Heavenly,
No Rhapsody, Out There, Compares, To Thine.

Venus, Aphrodite, Neither Produce,
The Sheer Exhilaration, That You Do.
With Fascination, Fancy, All, You Woo.
Euphoria... Ecstasy... You Induce.

You're The Paragon, Of Sublime Beauty
Imparting, Wonder, Upon, Everyone.
Nothing, Out There, As Resplendent, Lovely.
No Greater Heaven, Ever, Come Upon.

Such Magic, As Yours, Can't Be Compared To.
Stuperfying Splendor, The Both Of You!..

Rhyme Schemes: ABAB CDDC EFEF GG

Robert Gardiner


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