One Day

by Phil   Nov 23, 2022

Sometimes you can't always find
What you are looking for
It may seem like it's in front of you
But is it really what you need

Looking out towards the horizon
I see the land of a 1000 Miles
And somewhere out there you'll be
One day our eyes will meet
Everything then will just fall into place
That something missing from our lives
Will then arrive

That will be one day
But today is another day less to that place
Nothing can stop you from dreaming
Your days away
Looking, then looking away
Politely smiling instead

What you think is missing
Just is isn't found yet
What you need isn't always in front of you
Life wasn't created in a day
Nor will be the rest of your life
One day it will come together
But today isn't the day
It just hasn't arrived yet


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