Yep! I am at the foot of that dam mountain again

by Patrick Watson   Nov 26, 2022

The old man is standing,
Why? the bus does not stop here

Yep! I am at the foot of that dam mountain again

The cloth on hand, weave brother weave
This will be the second, third, fourth verse in the song of my life
There are so many ways to take this on
I need to dig deep make a plan, set a goal
And follow through and ‘try to stay awake’!

There is this cloth to cut, need to work it, as is!
Facts are facts, swallow deep
This is the game right now, play by the new rules

A lot of friends are gone now and my hair is growing thin
with hearing all but gone!
Pills and technology have come to my recue

Every day another blessing
Shirking my capabilities
Now there is the rub
Adjust what else is left to do

As I watched the sun rise this morning
I felt inspiration growing in me
Driving me to this write
To validated and record this moment

Feed back will be forth coming


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