Don't be.

by Guess   Jan 23, 2023

I've seen the most noble man turn to a tyrant. I've witnessed a hardened criminal be truly loyal and sweet. I've had thousands of American dollars and lost it all due to scoundrels. I've also built friendships from loyalty and respect. I've had unconditional love stolen from me and also abused in front of my eyes. I've hunted and been hunted. But what I hunt is being at peace with most of the universe even though a very scary few try and continue to try their best to disrupt our peace. So I'm saving my love for those that have my best interest at heart. One day I'll get closure. And will this for my child. The pain we live in is going to stop. I believe that and will do my very best to make sure we flourish. Because I never left and I will never leave so bye for now.


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