My Undeniable Love

by Christen Kuikoua   Feb 17, 2023

Day by day
Night by night
I find myself loving you more and more
Every song I sing,
and the emotions it builds
Is a reminder of my love so real

Your beauty and grace
Surpasses what my eyes have ever seen
or my ears ever heard
Your smile melts my heart;
It’s like a flame against the cold.
My heart skips a beat
when I think of your face so bold

I’ve come to learn so much about you
Every moment is precious and memorable
Though you are my beloved friend and confidante;
you will always be in my heart,
and I will always be your secret admirer

Your aura is so chill,
like a soothing balm for my soul
I could spend hours looking into your eyes,
feeling the calmness that radiates within you

I have a secret… I like you to the moon and back
Yes, it’s true! I can’t keep quiet any longer.
You are not only my crush, but my best friend
I can tell you everything
but why can’t I tell you that I found you?

I don’t know exactly what draws me to you
But it feels like though as peace in all its majesty
It is hard for me to express myself
I want to tell you how much you mean to me,
but words don’t always come easily
I don’t want to lose your friendship,
but I can’t continue to pretend that’s all I feel for you.


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