by Shadow Blossom   Jun 9, 2023


When will she fly to get to say goodbye
to these chains, framing her in pain

They say she is so low
They walk around her even though
She feels cold as snow

When is it right
to fight for her soul
to enlighten it from the depths below

Still she fractures and cries
Now matter how hard she tries
Pondering life’s riddles and whys

They say she is confused
broken, abandoned, forsaken
hurt from all the abuse

Doesn’t she know she is grand
and can create her own promised land
with a swish of her injured hand

To her, let us say
Lady, you may cry
but that’s okay
You will be lit from the darkness
Learn to love yourself
and release yourself from your pain
Let it out, let it go
…and from that you will learn and grow


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