Sonnet 03 Wandering Shadows: The Burden Of Unrequited Love

by Christen Kuikoua   Oct 2, 2023

In ymest depths, a yearning doth enfold,
An unseeded love, a tale yet untold.
A desirous lover, consumed by woe,
In shadows shrouded, where emotions flow.

Erst fierce and vivid, as Sol's fiery glow,
Now dimmed and faded, a love's overthrow.
Like flower's wilt, its essence doth decay,
As tears of sorrow pour, a ceaseless spray.

Whispers of dreams, its tender roots arise,
A love that yearns, yet in darkness lies.
Unseen, untouched, in covert still it hides,
Within the depths where heartfelt passion bides.

A ghostly phantom, it haunts the very soul,
An unfulfilled love, beyond control.
With each day's passing, it fades fleetingly,
Silently vanishing, like twilight's decree.

What am I, this love, now lost in its gleam?
A tale of yearning, an unspoken dream.
A lament enigma, a sonnet's grand plea,
An unseeded love, destined to soar or flee.

In sorrow's depths, its essence doth abide,
A remembrance of love, uncertain betide.
Seek the answer, let wisdom's light be true,
Unlock the enigma, where love's secrets ensue.


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