Sonnet 04: Love's Vigor Amidst War's Strife And Envy's Sting

by Christen Kuikoua   Oct 2, 2023

Amidst war's guilt, in solitude I tread,
Where envy's venom seeps into my core,
In shadows draped, I mourn the love that's dead,
And death's cold grip leaves me to weep once more.

From battles fought, I bear the scars of shame,
Isolation's chains encircle me tight,
Yet in your love, I find a flickering flame,
A beacon in the dark, dispelling night.

Guilt's heavy burden weighs upon my chest,
As sadness weaves its tale of woe and strife,
But love's sweet memory provides me rest,
A balm to heal the wounds of fleeting life.

In envy's grasp, I strive to find release,
Through love's enduring grace, my soul finds peace.


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