Critical Angle

by Walter   Oct 22, 2023

No ripples in the water
Reflecting just like glass
The sun begins to shine again
Once the storm would pass

The beauty of this picture
Leaves me feeling blind
I ignore the damage made
The storm has left behind

The water is so smooth
And filled up to the brim
Recovering the quickest
From when the time was grim

Although the water's murky
From what's been stirred inside
I cannot see beneath the surface
And all that it might hide

But the remnants of a storm
At first don't always show
And we only see the damage
The deeper we will go

But because our love is shallow
We just choose what it sees
And leave the light that's trapped inside
At 49 degrees

NB: The critical angle of water is 49 degrees which means that light shining
at or greater than this angle in water, will only be reflected internally
and whatever lies above the surface won't ever be seen


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