I Miss Jags: A Jaguar's Lament?

by Christen Kuikoua   Nov 9, 2023

On the first day of school, I long for its end,
Yearning for my Jag family, my heart's dear friend.
The food, a tragic horror, but health's their decree,
A social kid silenced, a shadow of me.

The theater, my love, now comedy's the song,
No musical notes, just laughter all along.
Kids in the hallways, screams like a river,
Curses flow freely, make me shiver.

Classes so easy, they killed my ambition,
My competitive spirit, a faded rendition.
All going awry, it's hard to ignore,
From the high standards I held, I've fallen to the floor.

I miss my friends, both near and afar,
Even my enemies, each familiar scar.
Teachers who loved me, held me close with care,
And her, oh, I miss her, I'm painfully aware.

Mrs. Berry, the music muse so grand,
Made me fall in love with notes and sand.
My classes, my freedom, all now a blur,
Lost in the chaos, I wish to confer.

I miss being a jaguar, my school spirit's flame,
In the building's embrace, I felt no shame.
My name in the hallways, a story to tell,
A prince of the jags, oh, how I swell.

Lunch that connected, made smiles complete,
An environment where my heart could beat.
The air of hope, so optimistic and bright,
Made me feel whole, in its gentle light.

I miss all that made me, I miss it so,
The longing inside, like an endless flow.
Oh, if for a week, my story I could rewrite,
With hyperboles of joy, I'd reach greater heights,
I'd smile more, play more, hug and unite.
My heart taking flight, In the warmth of the jags,

I'd appreciate the love, give it in return,
In the embrace of the jags, forever I yearn.
Oh, grace, let me return, to my home so dear,
Where she awaits, and those I hold near,
The jags where unity knows no divide or fear,
In their love, I'd find solace, wipe away every tear.

In the home of the jags, where colors blend,
And every soul, cherished, my wounds they mend,
Once safe and content, on them, I depend,
Oh, let me rewrite my story, and bring it to the end.


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