I Demand Justice For Ryan Gainer Death

by Christen Kuikoua   Mar 27, 2024

I demand Justice,
For the world's hatred, a blight,
Justice for the innocent's tragic plight,
Where evil prospers in the night,
Like shadows dark, obscuring light.

I demand Justice,
For black lives' suffering, deep and stark,
The violence's pain leaves a lasting mark,
Gunshots ring out, like a predator's bark,
As if life's worth is just a lark.

I demand Justice,
For Ryan Gainer's untimely end,
Shot three times, a life to rend,
As if his fate they could bend,
Such cruelty, we cannot pretend.

I demand Justice,
Tired of homes targeted, hearts torn,
Tired of excuses for lives worn,
Tired of the innocent being shorn,
By violence, leaving families forlorn.

I demand Justice,
Ryan was no demon or beast,
To withstand bullets, to say the least,
His strength not that of a fierce beast,
But a troubled teen, his pain released.

I demand Justice,
No excuse for taking a life's breath,
No justification in facing death,
Life's value beyond measure or depth,
Why steal it away, with every breath?

I demand Justice
For now and evermore,
Let fairness and equality soar,
Justice, our beacon, forevermore.


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