All the Little Things

by Vera Flatt   Apr 14, 2024

All the small things...
All the little
Ways you say
I love you
Add up.

For several years
I thought love was distant.
I thought love whispered
In the dark of night-
Afraid to love me when
The sun came out.
I thought love ran away during fights
I thought love shut me out
I thought love knew I wasn't good enough
But stuck around anyway.

But then you happened.
And just like that-
Love embraced me.
Just like that,
I found love looking me in the eyes,
Brave enough to take my hand.
Just like that,
Love was bold enough
To pull me close and
Into the open.
Just like that-
I learned that loving you
Is different than loving him.

And who was he anyway?
He, that paraded his love
only in front of others,
To ensure the mask he held up
Stayed intact.
He, that treated me
like heaven and hell in the same breath,
Is not you,
that's for sure.

I look into your pale blue eyes
And feel your soul reach for mine.
With each kiss,
I long for your shelter, your safety.
With each smile I feel at home.
With every laugh, My body relaxes.

It's the little things...
The way you remember my
favorite soda
Favorite candy
Favorite flower.

The way you touch me
With softness
Instead of lust.

The way you kiss my forehead when I'm
Scared or stressed
The way you hold my hand while you drive
The way you give my thigh a little squeeze
The way you brush my hair out of my face
Just to see my eyes
I think I love you.
And all the ways you love me too.


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