Dearest Grandma

by SHAI   Jun 12, 2024

Life for you was hard, you did your very best despite so many financial hardships.

You've lived long enough to see 3 generations of grandchildren.

Although I was struggling myself (still am),
I promised you the world.
I promised you a better life and to just hang in there a little longer.
I promised I would bring you to me.
We were thousands of miles apart.

One promise became undone.
My world became dark once more.
Not just my world, but those all around that loved you dearly with all our broken hearts.

You were a piece that kept my heart whole.
You loved me unconditionally.
You loved my children (your grandchildren) unconditionally.
You loved us all; families that were so far apart.
Your heart was our home, -my home.
I felt so safe knowing you loved us.
Despite the word being so cruel,
You were my light in my darkness.
You always said you wanted "US" all of us whenever I asked what you wanted for your birthday.
You didn't care about money,
You didn't care about anything else...just....*us.*
The way your words had so much longing will forever be in my Heart.

I have a hard time believing...beliving in God...but if there is a place such as heaven, they gained an amazing soul.

You -finally- have peace.
With Grandpa, once more.


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