How Do I Love Thee!!!

by Robert Gardiner   Sep 5, 2004

How do I love thee, mere words, can't even describe.
I love thee, more than, starlit nights,
Than, cool, refreshing rain, on the hottest of days.
I love thee, more than, conceits, do praise.
I love thee, with a vigor, with which, mountains, I could move.
There's nothing, of this earth, that matches, my love, for you!!!
There's nothing, nothing, that matches, its fervency.
Nothing, of this earth, is loved, more reverently,
Then I do you.
In every fiber, of my being, there's, love, for you,
Strong and Resonant.
How do I love thee, with a love, ever, fervent.
The Heavens, doth not match, its infinitude.
There's not much, Heaven nor Earth, that can match, my love, for you.
Mere words, cannot capture, its span.
It's, deeper, than the deepest sea, and wider, than Heaven.
There's only one thing I can think of, that dwarfs, my love.
It is only eclipsed by, one thing, known, to us.
Only one thing, doth make my love, seem minuscule, in kind.
It is only overshadowed by, God's Love, Divine,
And it shall stand, forever, through Eons of time...
How do I love thee, I can't even describe!!!

Votes and comments appreciated, greatly, thank you!!!

Robert Gardiner


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  • 14 years ago

    by swill

    it rocks
    shes the luckiest girl on the planet
    or maybe the second girls luckier lol...cos i love a girl in the same way but she doesnt love me bak. sad story huh. supersad.

    read my poems if ya get a chance.
    ps this poem makes me add you to my favourites!!