The Final Battle

by Timothy   Sep 8, 2004

Dark ominous clouds swirl in with feverish speed,
The walls of Valhalla tremble at the thunderous hooves of five thousand steeds;
The armies of the Arch-Fiend have come on nigh,
Every darkened soul carries a scimitar, cutlass or foil, to decimate the Kingdom on High.

The Lords of war, gods of valiant deliverance,
Clamor into thousand-year-old armor and prepare for their exuberance;
The hearts of the Evil Incarnate swear by a single desire,
Extinguish every life on this sanctimonious Land upon Higher.

Thunder echoes, as the spectral warhorses graze the sky,
The onslaught of the masses of Old Scratch meet the barrage with an immortal battle cry;
Harnessing the lightning, in the steel grip of his hands,
Zeus, Odin---he who has many names--crashes through the Land.

All the worlds heroes and villains, and their religions have merged,
The Infinite One, the All-knowing, Vishnu, Osiris--wage the war converged;
Seth, the Deuce--the demon knight--leads his bloodthirsty dominion forth,
The battle is good versus evil...Armageddon, and the trophy is the Earth.


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