Let Me Compare Thee!!!

by Robert Gardiner   Sep 15, 2004

Let Me Compare Thee!!!

(Rhyming pattern):
Stanzas 1: abcd abcd
Stanzas 2: efef
Stanzas 3: gg

Let me compare thee, to the sky above.
NO, for it's fair one day and foggy, next,
Murky, muddy, mucky, and dull of life,
Absent, of its, seemly, serenity,
And you, not at all, reminiscent of.
Your wonder, rapture, it does not reflect,
For your beauty, cloudless, free of, such strife,
Faultless, fair, and full of amenity.

Let me compare thee, to treasures of gold.
No, to me, there is, no treasure worth more.
You're the only treasure, by me, extolled,
The only thing, in life, that I adore.

There's no greater treasure that I could find
There is, nothing, to match, your love, divine!!!

Votes and comments greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

Robert Gardiner


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by Eibutsina

    Short yet subtle and extremely sweet! Wow this was so nice to read and such a beautiful expression of your love and devotion to whoever this lucky lady maybe...

    Thanks for sharing Robert and Much Luv...Eirisa....xoxo

  • 15 years ago

    by Sarah

    That was just gre8...wish someone would write about me like that!!