by FTS Miles   Sep 19, 2004

The tide rises ardently in the evening dark,
And the tossed spray fogs the window of the sky.
Winds howl across the arcing dunes
And through the coarse and salty seashore grass.
Waves thrust shoreward,
Throwing aside the feeble opposition
Of a beach wrinkled and damp by the first
Tentative caresses of briny fingers.
Thundering and powerful,
Yet softly soothing in regular rhythm,
The waves roll upwards along the soft sandy curves.
Recently blown sands harden
As Sea seeps into the Earth's waiting womb
Merging both for but a moment....

Her earthen orbs gaze up through the darkness
Into my cerulean depths
As I wash gently from her tender ground.
We smile in lethargic passion
Awaiting the next time our two forces shall meet.


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